Sourashtra Munnettra Kazhagam (SMK)

There are hundreds of Organisations and Associations in our community doing lot of services. SMK  started for the following purpose

  1. To unite Sourashtras all over the world.
  2. To unite all Sourashtra Organizations and Associations together.
  3. To get political recognition – we are above 2 ½ % of the total population of Tamil Nadu. But we do not have any MLA or MP and there is no one to represent the community at large.
  4. Once we unite and come together under one umbrella, we will have a say, command and recognition. You all know the union is strength.
  5. The majority of our population are weavers. They do not come under social security as they are under un-organized sector. They do not get any assistance from the Govt like Green house scheme, loans, housing plots which other categories of people get.

SMK will represent them to get all the benefits and fulfil their requirements. SMK will fight to get the weavers status as agriculturist status to get loans etc. To get Most Backward Status as there are lot of poor weavers backward in education and are below poverty line This organization will co-operate with all the organization / Associations of our community and other communities to uplift our community. This organization is not against any other organization and does not intent to do parallel activities. All the Sourashtras above 18 year of age by default should become member of SMK.

Poster of free medical camp
SMK membership is been categorized as follows :

  • 1st Category Rs.10 per Member/ per year at the lowest rate.
  • 2nd category Rs.200  Per Year.
  • 3rd Category Rs.1000  Life Member.
  • 4th Category Rs.10000  and above as patron.

For all NRI we have kept as 100/- US $ for life membership and for Patron members US $ 1000/- Patron member are the Pillars of the Kazhagam.